Fetish 4 Fun & Profit (English Edition)

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Are you ready to turn your Fetish dreams into hard cash? I can show you how to do just that. I am known as MsChristina in the fetish world and I have been very successful selling Fetish Videos for several years.

My goal is to offer you a book that is creative, comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and a useful tool that gives anyone the ability to conceptualize, shoot, publish and market their own fetish videos while having fun and making tons of cash – FAST! I will show you how to make money the first day. The most amazing part is, you don’t need any money to start your business. If you already own either a video camera, a smart phone or a web camera, you don’t need to make any other investment! Then, once you start the cash rolling in, I will show you the best options to maximize your profits.

All you will need to bring to the table is a desire to make money by sharing your fetish dreams with the buying public. Many of the techniques and ideas presented in my book allow you, the producer, to be totally anonymous, while still being able to participate as producer, camera person and talent. Yes, you can „star“ in your own fetish videos and no one will recognize you! You will have guaranteed anonymity.

I will show you how to create, sell, and market your material for FREE. My techniques are in layman’s terms and are easy to follow. Imagine having a business that makes money 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The product you produce will take as little as two hours to complete. That completion time includes posting the product in a virtual store that will sell the product perpetually forever. And you can make this all happen with NO INVESTMENT!

This book can be read straight through, or you can open it up to any chapter and select only the information you need. Each chapter is designed to stand on its own. Need help in only one area? Open up to that chapter and get what you need quickly!

I have included many ideas for scenarios for your videos and there are lots of pictures from material I have done to inspire you. Also, there is a multi page glossary to help you with all of the video and fetish jargon you will need to know.

Get your creative juices flowing and turn those hot fetish desires into a healthy cash stream. With my book as a reference, you can start making money tonight!

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