Leather & Lust (KinkyWriter.com Erotic Samplers Book 4) (English Edition)

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Its touch is cool and inviting, its smell provocative and its taste intoxicating, there’s little doubt why leather is one of the most popular fetishes among kinksters new and veteran alike. Nothing says sex like the feel of a tight strap around one’s wrist or the embrace of a pair of sexy boots laced up a dominant’s legs, and these stories serve to accentuate the carnal lust that only leather and its similar fetishes can elicit from the very best of us…

  • Training a Friend – Dinner Out features the first episode in a longer tale of one woman branching out to share her husband’s submissive tendencies with another, inviting her best friend a unique opportunity to partake in both his chastity as well as his fondness for female footwear in the presence of a beauty worthy of being worshipped.
  • In A Boot Story, two young lovers flirt and fantasize about dabbling in the enticing world of boot worship, from shopping for an expense pair of designer boots at the mall to the even kinkier goings-on to take place once she dons them around town with her boy following behind just waiting for a taste!
  • Visions of Dominance explores fetish beauty as one woman dons her sexiest silks and leathers in wild preparation for dominating her all-too-eager submissive who kneels waiting nearby…
  • And in Hooded Appreciation we listen to the poetic words of a dominant woman as she prepares her submissive to wear an intimidating leather bondage hood for her, blocking out all light and sound but also welcoming him to an erotic, new world that only giving in to his forbidden desires can beckon…

A total of 8 erotic short stories in this sampler feature bondage interlaced with female domination, as well as fetishes for leather, high heeled shoes and boots, chastity, and even the female form itself for those curious about fascinations of an erotic nature.

Be sure to check out our entire line of KinkyWriter Erotic Samplers for even more samples of everything from bondage and domination erotica to also chastity, cuckolding, fetishes, and even a hint of romantic restraint for the discerning kinkster!

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